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  1. Following up on the Steelcase presentation. Towards the end Steven mentioned quantifying disruptions. I wonder how other companies handle putting a financial figure to disruptions and other issues. Do any do it j real time? Is it after the fact?

  2. To what extent is mqtt in general susceptible to hacking because of its extensive use of ope source libraries?

    1. Bob,

      The MQTT Protocol was originally invented by IBM (for satellite communications). It has gained popularity in IoT especially after it became an Open Standard under OASIS.

      I say that because by itself MQTT is NOT OPEN SOURCE. Mosquitto (with two Ts) is an open source implementation. RabbitMQ is a messaging system that also supports MQTT (in addition to other messaging protocols). MQTT also has paid and hosted implementations that are not open source.

  3. My name is Ian Lamont, founder of i30 Media Corp which operates PRIORITY PAYLOAD (, the independent website of industrial automation. I will be writing/tweeting/reporting from the #IoTfm18 event, and hope I get a chance to talk with some of the attendees and speakers. Looking forward to the workshop!

    1. Hi Andrew,

      I have been attending IoTFM three years in a row. This is one of the best IoT workshops (and I have been working in IoT since 2009).

      Look forward to the slides being attached to the agenda, and the event next year!


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